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Real Estate Investing Game:StumbleUpon Find

In addition to finding the Stumble Through Button, another feature of the StumbleUpon tool bar that my son and I have been using, is the feature that allows surfing by selecting a channel. The channel that we have been using is the online games channel which allows us to stumble some really cool online game sites.

Mansion Impossible Screen Shot
For example, yesterday I came across Old Poppa Crappaud’s Mansion Impossible game, which is a real estate investing game where the objective of the game is in the shortest amount of time, to buy the million dollar mansion. This is done by buying and selling smaller pieces of real estate, which then enables you to increase your net worth so that you eventually will be able to afford the grand prize, the big mansion.

My Five Times

1.45 yrs 2 mo
2. 33yrs 3 mo
3.28 yrs 1mo
4.26 yrs 2 mo
5.24yrs 5mo

Real Estate Investing Game Details

Not including the big mansion, there are three different types of houses… the cheap, middle and high. The profits from each is a direct ratio of so the cheap houses will result in a little profit. But you start out with 100K, which is enough to buy one little house. You need to make a quick buy, and then sell and make enough profit to be able to buy two of the little properties, and then get enough profit so that you can buy the next level of real estate investment, and so on until you can afford to buy the big mansion. When you click on a house and you don’t have enough money, a balloon comes up saying “Too Much”. Within the levels of investment properties, I also noticed there are some that will start out at higher prices or lower prices. The lower priced properties of the next investment level are the ones to keep an eye out for, as these will allow you to move up to the next investment level that much quicker. Once you go up into the next level, don’t be tempted to go down into the lower levels for a deal, as these deals in the lower levels will waste your time, and prolong the amount of time until you can buy the big mansion.

Why I love this game

To put it simply, it is a fun basic real estate investing game. Check it out and see if you can beat my scores. Let me know how you do.
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Written by Pixelhead on November 13th, 2007 with 30 comments.
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