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Video Resumes: Is the new fad already dying?

I watched the video on Fox News’ website of the CEO of Webimax, who was interviewed on the morning news. He mentioned video resumes like they were a new, great way to get noticed by employers.

Adam suggested I do some research on these high-tech resumes (and try to answer the 10 questions he listed a few blogs ago:

After breezing through some articles, blogs, and videos, I’m not so sure about them. For one thing, do employers really want to sit through an amateur video starring you?

Visit my site to read my blog post about video resumes, and let me know your thoughts!

Written by kdoud10 on March 24th, 2010 with 26 comments.
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Are You Open for Opportunity?

I have been getting the daily updates in my email for quite sometime now. The daily videos of Roxanne and her dog Lexi, come from the beaches of Hawaii. Roxanne has a different topic everyday which may include personal development subjects to less serious topics. She also gives you a little Hawaiian Language lesson  with a Hawaiian word of the day. Today’s word of the day was Manawa kpono or opportunity.

Today, Roxanne talks about taking a life challenge as her partner Shane said when they were faced with a client rescheduling issue, “What’s the Opportunity Here ?”

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I like the idea of finding gold in situations that if  we allow ourselves to, could potentially make us a little sad,very depressed or worse.

For example, when the SEO Company Lizzie and I were working for, had to let us both go due to loss of clients, we could have, gotten really depressed(we did get a little bummed) because we then had to find new (sorry for the curse word in advance) jobs. But instead, we looked at it as the opportunity to fully go out on our own. Within a month, we were able to network our resources and were able to more than make up for the lost income and benefit security. Today, our own SEO Company,, is a growing, thriving business.

How about you,

when did you have to find the gold nugget in a potentially bad situation?

Written by Pixelhead on August 18th, 2008 with 17 comments.
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Happiness Project at

Just a quick post to remind everyone to visit to read his Happiness Project series. In the Happiness Project, Alex is interviewing some incredible people and getting their opinions on Happiness.

The Happiness Project Questions include:


Written by Pixelhead on February 15th, 2008 with 4 comments.
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Blogging Tutorial Group Writing Project

The blog TheWritersManifesto is or rather was holding a Group writing contest, and all of the entries to the Tutorial Group writing project are below followed by my top three pics in reverse order.How To Write Pic
Megan Bayliss has a great post How to Respond To Disclosures of Sexual Child Abuse. A very serious topic as compared to all the others, but one that any parent/grandparent or childcare worker should read.
Rishi gives some Tips to Get Best Out of Product Related Ad Networks.
Karthik writes about Upgrading Your Theme to WordPress 2.3 to be able to use tags for posts. Karthik also does a brief sell for using tags. The main benefit being the increase in the number of pages for your site.
Aseem Kishore has a really use post that teaches How to Find Good Ideas and Content for Your Blog.
Kyle Eslick shows How to Ad Edit Buttons to Your WordPress Theme.
Adam(moi) shows how to Add a Blog to Flickr.
Sumesh gets a little technical and shows How to Add Plugin Function Calls Without Breaking Your Theme.
Simonne shows How to Get Your Favorite Stumble Upon Pages in Your Feed Reader, cool tip for creating a feed for any Stumbleupon user including your own.
Shivaranjan tells us How to Move Self Hosted WordPress Blogs Across Webhosts.
Jacob Share has the Obnoxious Guide to Environmentally Safe Job Hunting.
Terry Didcott tells How to Install A Self Hosted WordPress Blog.
Doug Woodall shows us How to Thwart the Barbarian Spyware.
Joanie Raisovich gives some Tips for Getting Through Nano,National Novel writing month.
Kryistina has an Environmental Tutorial that was written for Blog Action Day, that gives advice about moving your house in an environmental manner.
David Rogers has a great post How to Solve A Problem.
CSS shows Simple Photo Editing Using GIMP, which is a good post about using Gimp, a free online program, to edit photos. I will have to give it a try and compare to Photoshop.
Dee gives some good advice about Making Friends with A Neighbor or Co-Worker, which can be used in our real lives.
Em Dy tells how to Plan Your Vacation Online
Sarah, the Gnomeynewt tells How to Attract Comments on Your Blog.
Gal teaches The Best Excerises You Might Not Be Doing (Series).
Jen Lawton shows us How to Set Up An Online Fundraiser.
Fred gives some good advice about How to Set Up the WordPress Pinging Service.

With a bit of waffling, my top three pics in reverse order are:

3. The personal development post that teaches How to Solve A Problem.

2. Simonne’s post showing how to add Stumble Upon Pages to Your Feed Reader.

1. Megan’s Child Abuse post. Update: Megan’s site is no longer up and running so it was unlinked.

Written by Pixelhead on October 30th, 2007 with 12 comments.
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I won an Ipod Shuffle from

This morning I was quite surprised when I was checking the inbound links I went on and found I had won Red Ipod Shufflean Ipod Shuffle he had been giving away in his Personal Development contest he was holding. Then this morning Alex emailed me for my mailing info and wanted to know what color Ipod I wanted. So I went onto the Apple site and ordered a red one. Apple is donating the proceeds to the Aids Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa.

I originally found out about Alex’s contest when he left a comment on another Personal Development Contest post I had done. Alex was letting me know about his contest which was very similar to Aaron’s contest which is still being held to promote the launching of Personal Development Partners.
So now, I will have an Ipod Shuffle. What will I do with it? I can keep it for my own listening pleasure. I can give it to one of the kids for a Christmas present. Or better yet, I can use it as a prize for a contest here on Pixelheadonline.

Got any suggestions for a contest or what I could do with AlexShalman’s Ipod Shuffle?

Written by Pixelhead on October 2nd, 2007 with 15 comments.
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$4000 dollar Contest and Ipod Contest

Since posting about the Contest, I have become aware of several other contests. Two great contests that offer a lot more than some sweet prizes.

Could you use Any of the 4000 dollars worth of Prizes?

The first, contest I found when I was on and Jon was telling us about this Huge blogging contest being run on, celebrating David’s graphic design blog’s first amazing Anniversary.

I was checking out David’s site, and I have to say I was very impressed with his work. I seriously hope I win the Logo design prize that is up as one the prizes, because David is a really talented graphic designer. If you need any kind of marketing materials for your business designed, stop by David’s site and check out his design portfolio.

But not only is David giving away a custom designed Logo, but he has gotten a ton of other prizes donated by some other amazing bloggers to help David celebrate his anniversary. Some of the tremendous prizes include but are not limited to:

To see the entire list of prizes, and to get the details about how to enter the contest, check out The Graphic Designer Prize Giveaway.

The Second Contest I became aware of when Alex of dropped me a comment on the previous PDP contest post. Alex’s Personal Development Contest, which is ending on Sunday, is giving away an Ipod Shuffle. It is a really easy contest to enter, so check out Alex’s post and to enter. The great thing about Alex’s contest besides the Ipod, is that he has a tremendous list of other Personal Development sites, which is the main reason he is having the contest to show support for all the other Personal Development sites out there. Check it out the huge list and enter the contest, but hurry it ends Sunday.

UPDATE: Alex’s contest is ending on September 27th and not the 23rd. So there is a little more time to enter.

Written by Pixelhead on September 21st, 2007 with 7 comments.
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