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Dog Teeth Cleaning | Taco Gets Her Teeth Cleaned

In this video, Taco (aka Sugar) of my Future Taco Bell Dog post, gets her teeth cleaned which were in really bad shape with tartar build up. Prior to the cleaning I had tried to clean her teeth and she was very resistant. Dodie instructed me in the proper way to dog teeth cleaning, which is to use a little finger brush on Taco’s teeth. About 30 seconds on each side of the dogs teeth. Tops and bottoms. Since the cleaning Taco’s teeth, have become much whiter and easier to clean, and her breath is much more bearable.

The sounds Taco made while getting her teeth cleaned were really funny. She actually makes those same sounds when she is outside and thinks that she is locked out.

Anyway, your welcomed world, Taco is ready to do some Taco Bell commercials.

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Written by Pixelhead on August 7th, 2009 with 44 comments.
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Dog Tags from

Looney Tunes pet tag collectionDog Tags are essential for mans best friends in many communities, I know Milton, my dog is required to get an annual dog tag. Tags from can be as simple or stylish as you would like. Pettags also has pet collars for both dogs and cats. The collars for cats are break away saftety models that come off if the cat gets his collar hooked in outdoor obstacles such as tree branches. In addition to pet tags, collars and leashes, pet tags also has a line of pet carriers to include designer models.

If your best friend needs a dog tag to be legal, vist and be sure of making a quality purchase that will be practical and fashionable at the same time. Every pet tag from has a special code that makes it part of the Lost Pet Recovery system that is endorsed by the American Canine Association, which makes Pettags a name that you can trust for all of your pet tag needs.American Canine Association

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