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Site Was Down

Just a little note. I am actually in Maine for a wedding but I needed to get this quick post out. The site had actually been down for well over 3 days due to some errors from the hosting company…will be changing hosts…They were unable to find out why the site was redirecting to a gambling site.
Numerous emails and phone calls later, I finally got a supervisor on the line today, and he promised me he would call me back when the site was up and running.

3 days is a long time.

I was quite irritated with the host, and we have actually already switched the site over to a new host, and will be switching all our other sites over as well.  This level of incompetence is just unacceptable. (more…)

Written by Pixelhead on June 5th, 2009 with 43 comments.
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A Balloon In The Yard

I was busy Tweeting…actually doing a Follow Friday Tweet, when I was called outside.  Apparently a hot air balloon was landing in our yard.

Thought I would share with you great readers.
So has a hot air balloon ever landed in your yard?

Next week I will have a post out that reviews our SES NY trip about a month ago…yea I am really behind.

Have a great weekend.

Written by Pixelhead on May 16th, 2009 with 20 comments.
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Lack of Blogging for March 2009

Here is the only post I am doing for the month here on Pixelheadonline.com.

Reasons for not blogging here:

I have had some ideas for posts, but the time has just not been available.

Some post ideas:

Well I have been talking to Lizzie, and she says she will do a few posts. If there is anyone out there interested in doing some revenue sharing who would like to become party owner of this site, please drop a comment or contact me on any of the social networks I am on through out the day.

Got any suggestions?

Written by Pixelhead on March 31st, 2009 with 37 comments.
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Adding Several Banner Ads

Previously there was just the lonely add for the PepperJam affiliate add network in the top sidebar. Our friend from OneMillionlovemessages.com asked me to place a banner to his new blogger forum on Pixelheadonline, so now a Blogcrash Blogger forum banner add is there too. BlogCrash - Blogs and Bloggers Forum I was on the forum today for a little while, and it seems like it could be a pretty good resource for bloggers. The user interface was pretty user friendly, and Mauro has the personality to really make it work.
I still need to do some posts about Pepperjam…they will be forth coming.

Next I thought why not encourage people to submit to our directory, so I added a little banner add to the Pixelheadonline directory which is a premium directory with tons of cached category pages.
submit your site to our directory

I will be making the adds so that I can put four of them there, with two side by side. But I will have to tweak my banner ads a little bit.

Got an ad you want to post really cheap?

Written by Pixelhead on August 14th, 2008 with 12 comments.
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Pixelheadonline SERPs Results

Thanks to Kashif’s comment this morning, I was reminded about a difference in the Google search link cache results, and I then updated the post that Kashif commented on and wrote the new blog post Link Building Update: Checking For Google Cache, which starts a new link building discussion.

Definition:I don’t know if I have ever explained it, but a cached link is a page that Google has visited, and Google has taken a snap shot. After you do a Google search, you get results that looks something like this: (more…)

Written by Pixelhead on February 13th, 2008 with 10 comments.
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Social Media SEO for Hire

Yesterday, I received news that my last day working for the local search marketing company I had been working for was Emperor having Coffeeyesterday. Benefits(health insurance) would end at the end of the month which happens to be Friday. This does not come as a shock, since Lizzie and I both had worked for the same company for several years, and downsizing has been occurring over the past year.

So if you need any SEO/Social media work to include consulting, link building, or general site evaluations, please keep me in mind.
My Plan of Action

  1. Get the word out to various contacts which could offer assistance.
  2. Update resume and post on various sites.
  3. Visit various job sites to include careerbuilder.com, montster.com, and Oaseo.com an SEO job community.
  4. Visit various job boards such as the Problogger job board.
  5. Keep working on existing freelance clients.
  6. Contact previous clients.
  7. Back-sell other services to current clients.
  8. Keep on networking.
  9. Cut back extraneous expenses.
  10. Prioritize my efforts.

What would you do in my situation? How would you generate leads? Any advice would be appreciated.

Update: A project that was in the pipeline came through today. We are actually ahead of the game.

Factoring  in lost income, tax advantages of paying our own health insurance, income from the new contract, expenses of the new contract, increase availability of time due to having less clients; we are way ahead of where we were yesterday.

Written by Pixelhead on November 28th, 2007 with 17 comments.
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