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Real Estate Investing Game:StumbleUpon Find

In addition to finding the Stumble Through Button, another feature of the StumbleUpon tool bar that my son and I have been using, is the feature that allows surfing by selecting a channel. The channel that we have been using is the online games channel which allows us to stumble some really cool online game sites.

Mansion Impossible Screen Shot
For example, yesterday I came across Old Poppa Crappaud’s Mansion Impossible game, which is a real estate investing game where the objective of the game is in the shortest amount of time, to buy the million dollar mansion. This is done by buying and selling smaller pieces of real estate, which then enables you to increase your net worth so that you eventually will be able to afford the grand prize, the big mansion.

My Five Times

1.45 yrs 2 mo
2. 33yrs 3 mo
3.28 yrs 1mo
4.26 yrs 2 mo
5.24yrs 5mo

Real Estate Investing Game Details

Not including the big mansion, there are three different types of houses… the cheap, middle and high. The profits from each is a direct ratio of so the cheap houses will result in a little profit. But you start out with 100K, which is enough to buy one little house. You need to make a quick buy, and then sell and make enough profit to be able to buy two of the little properties, and then get enough profit so that you can buy the next level of real estate investment, and so on until you can afford to buy the big mansion. When you click on a house and you don’t have enough money, a balloon comes up saying “Too Much”. Within the levels of investment properties, I also noticed there are some that will start out at higher prices or lower prices. The lower priced properties of the next investment level are the ones to keep an eye out for, as these will allow you to move up to the next investment level that much quicker. Once you go up into the next level, don’t be tempted to go down into the lower levels for a deal, as these deals in the lower levels will waste your time, and prolong the amount of time until you can buy the big mansion.

Why I love this game

To put it simply, it is a fun basic real estate investing game. Check it out and see if you can beat my scores. Let me know how you do.
My Stumbles ButtonOh, and if you don’t have the Stumbleupon tool bar installed, I strongly suggest you download, install, and start Stumbling. Click on the badge to the left to add me to your StumbleUpon network, I can still add a few friends, as I have not reached the 200 friend limit.

Written by Pixelhead on November 13th, 2007 with 30 comments.
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Pixelheadonline Blog Anniversary

Today the blog for Pixelheadonline is a year old. As many of you know, the idea for Pixelheadonline was originally to be a pixel advertising site where advertisers could purchase advertising on pictures of my head. Instead of just buying advertising on a page, advertisers would buy spots on a silhouette of my head or something like that any way. The original idea for Pixelheadonline was on a Body Billboard Post.

So first there was a directory, then there was the blog. The url for the blog was, but was transfered over to the sub-domain within several weeks.

The first post on the blog was Hard Money Lenders, a site review of a premium submission to the directory. Hard money lenders for FYI are lenders that lend money to investors who buy real estate that is bought to be flipped. The hard money loans are not made by traditional money lenders, but private money lenders or individuals that invest in real estate. Check the post out and the site for more info on hard money and flipping houses.

What Now?

So a year has passed, and what happens now? I would still like to do something with pixel advertising, but who knows. I have also thought that the name sounds like it could be a graphics design site or a digital photography site. Both of which I have very limited knowledge of, so those ideas seem unlikely.

Got any ideas or suggestions?

Written by Pixelhead on September 16th, 2007 with 9 comments.
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David Bach’s “Start Late,Finish Rich”

On our recent trip to the Outer Banks, NC(OBX), I read or picked through David Bach’s “Start Late, Finish Rich” book. This Start Late, Finish Rich by David Bachbook really applies to me, because other than several small retirement accounts while teaching, I have zilch. I had a 401K, but needed to liquidate it several years ago when I was faced with hard times.

Recently, I came across Trent’s review of “ The Automatic Millionaire” on The Simple Dollar, and much like Trent was I was initially disappointed when I started reading “Start Late, Finish Rich”, because of similarities with “The Automatic Millionaire”, which I also reviewed, but no where near as extensively as Trent. I too was a little disappointed at first, however, then instead of reading the book cover to cover, I decided to pick through the book and read chapters that I thought looked like they might benefit me.

Some Things I got out of “Start Late, Finish Rich”.

Overall, I am still very pleased with “Start Late, Finish Rich”, even though there are many similarities to “The Automatic Millionaire”. But I suppose, if it was a good read once, it should be a good read twice.

Don’t be surprised to see more posts about events that will be derived from reading about these books, especially if Lizzie and I buy a new house within the next couple of months.

If you would like to benefit from David’s financial advice, visit my Amazon store and order a copy of “Start Late, Finish Rich” by clicking on the text link or by clicking on the picture of David Bach’s Book above.

Written by Pixelhead on June 3rd, 2007 with 22 comments.
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Donald Trump at The Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo

We had a very informative weekend in Philadelphia while attending the Learning Annex’s Real Estate and Wealth Expo. We had originally decided to go to the Expo because we had seen David Bach on PBS. However, due to a family emergency, we were unable to stay for David who was appearing at about 430pm on Sunday. We did however get to hear the Donald Trump Bannerentertaining Donald Trump in addition to taking several educational seminars on investing.

Donald started out his “Success speech” by ripping in to Rosie. He had to correct a journalist that said he called her a “fat pig”. According to the Donald, he only called her a “pig”, but he asked the reporter if he would have been wrong to have called her a “fat pig”?

I guess I have not been watching much TV lately, because I had been unaware that there is a feud of sorts going on between Rosie and Donald. If you are unaware of the feud, check out a video of Donald Trump talking about Rosie. Click on the Youtube video link after watching it to view some other Trump video clips. My favorite was the one on Jimmie Kimmel.

Mr. Trumps speech was very entertaining to say the least, and Rosie was not the only person in his speech to get picked on. Mr. Trump was very humble. At the end of his speech he answered a bunch of questions from the audience with grace and style.

“When you Shake someone’s Hand, Go with It” was a quote that I took down from the Donald. He said that when he makes and agreement, he sticks with it. This was used in reference to his agreeing to do The Apprentice, which was not originally Ok’d by Trump’s manager, who he later fired, when he told Donald he that he should get several million for his cut from The Apprentice.

Written by Pixelhead on April 24th, 2007 with 9 comments.
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David Bach – Automatic Millionaire

The Automatic Millionaire by David Bach is the current book that I am reading as per goal number 2 of my Goal Post for 2007. Lizzie’s son, David King of the Daygave me it as well as its associated workbook for Christmas. We had seen David Bach on PBS one evening, and were very interested in his program. In particular, we like the ideas of becoming wealthy with what you currently make, without the use of a budget. The key to David’s program as the title suggests is to make all of your money transactions such as contributing to IRA or other retirement programs automatic. Pay your self first and do it automatically before you pay everyone else.

In the first chapter I learned how David’s system developed to include the beginnings of his “Latte Factor”, which basically is an idea that gets people to see how they can actually save money by watching the small things they spend money on in their daily lives.

Another key idea that David highlights is the use of Compound Interest to create your wealth. A chart on page 48 entitled the Time Value of Money illustrates the amount that a person would have at age 65 when they start saving at different times in their lives with a an average interest rate of 10% annually. If a 15year old saves $3000 for the first 5 years of his working life, at 65 he would have a nice little nest egg of $1,615,363.40. If this person starts saving at age 19, she and saves $3,000 for eight years, at 65 she will have $1,552,739.25. And in the last column, if a person at age 27 starts to save $3,000 per year, he or she will need to save $3000 for the next 27 years in order to have $1,324,777.67 at age 65. These figures really make me wish I had started saving so much sooner.

Automatic Millionaire

Click the above pic to buy the Automatic Millionaire.

I will continue to make posts about this book and others I am reading, and the progress I am making in my life due to the influence of this book and others.

Oh, one last note before I end this post, Lizzie bought tickets to the Learning Annex Real Estate and Wealth Expo in Philadelphia on April 21 and 22. She made the initial purchase the evening we saw David on PBS, by making a tax deductible contribution to PBS. She then received two tickets as a gift from PBS. Lizzie later bought two more tickets for her parents, who happen to be our business partners and also are interested in building wealth. Lizzie’s Pop has actually been wealthy at different periods in his life. As he says, its not making it that is hard, its keeping it that has always been a challenge to him. I will also be writing about the Expo before and after it occurs, so If you would like to follow along, subscribe to my Investing Feed.
Learning Annex Philly Expo Logo

Written by Pixelhead on January 27th, 2007 with 1 comment.
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Real Estate Goals 2007

Well 2007 is well under way, and I have decided to make some goals. I also plan on revisiting the goals quarterly. This post will deal with my Real Estate goals. I was reading the post entitled What Are Your Real Estate Goals for 2007? – Group Writing Project and was inspired to write some goals. This post is about a contest, that I am a little too late for, but will hopefully get a chance to follow.

Anyway, my Real Estate goals for 2007:

  1. Read 1 Financial Book a month.
  2. At least One post weekly about real estate, which will force me to increase my knowledge base.
  3. Look at at least one property weekly.
  4. Purchase with partners one property quarterly
  5. Flip purchased property or retain as an asset.

So these are my four main goals.

Progress thus far.

I am reading “The Automatic Millionaire” at present. I am behind on my real estate posts, but will make up an extra one in the weeks ahead.

We have scouted out one property, and called about but chose to not pursue.

We are looking into various funding options to include hard money lenders.

Written by Pixelhead on January 9th, 2007 with 8 comments.
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