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Online Video Voice Over Intros

A good friend of mine, Jim Wallaesa,  started a site the other day for his Voice Over Business. Voice Over Jim currently only has two pages and one blog post in addition to a snazzy look. Additionally, a Twitter profile and widget  was created and added to the blog..add VoiceOverJim on Twitter if you would like to network with a guy whose voice sounds like it should be announcing the evening news.

What is a Voice Over Artist?

Well according to Wikipedia a Voice Over Artist or one who does “Voice acting (which)is the art of providing voices for animated characters (including those in feature films, television series, animated shorts, and video games) and radio and audio dramas and comedy, doing voice-overs in radio and television commercials, audio dramas, dubbed foreign language films .

I was brain storming about possible voice over blog post topics that Jim could do to help increase his authority as a Voice Over Artist in the greater Philadelphia area.

10 Blog Post to Becoming a Voice Over Authority

1. Make a list post of the top 10 places to get Voice Over Work or Voice Over Resources.

2. Make a Voice Over List of the best cities to do Voice Over Work(Philadelphia has to be on the list because Philadelphia Voice Over work is ample as there are tons of movies being made in Philly)

3. Do a blog post that goes over voice over terminology.

4. Do a blog post about Voice Over “How to make a great Voice Over Demo”.

5. Do a blog post that highlights some of the best Voice Overs of all My favorite Sci-Fi Voice Overs of all time.

6. Do a blog post about various voice over “10 Voice Over Niches to find Voice Over Jobs”. I thought Online Video Voice Over Intros might be a good niche which might provide a good deal of voice over work, so that’s why I titled this post “Online Video Voice Over Demos”.

7. Interview some other authority Voice Over Artists.

8. Do a blog post that highlights “the top 10 Voice Over Blogs”.

9. Make a Voice Over Compilation Video and post on the VoiceOverJim YouTube Channel, and  then post it on the Voice Over Jim Blog.

10. Post clips from your various Voice Over gigs and tell how the clip was made.

Do You need a Voice Over Artist for any reason? Please check out Jim’s site and listen to his Voice Over Demos.

Written by Pixelhead on December 14th, 2010 with 21 comments.
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Healthy Cooking With Deb Bixler

Deb Bixler sent me an email the other day thanking me for running the contest. I also offered Deb the opportunity to post a promotional blog post here on Pixelheadonline. Deb Says:

Thank you Adam, for hosting the logo contest. It was fun to be a part of the competition. I enjoyed the interesting variation from my day-to-day internet work to spice things up. I am a speaker and presenter in the area of sales as well as healthy living.

The logo which I entered in the contest is posted at my sales and marketing site: . This is a network marketing resource center that is home-party specific. It is designed as a resource center for direct sales professionals.

I also have a blog that is geared toward healthy eating. At visitors learn how to boost their metabolism, lose weight and skills to keep the whole family healthy in this fast paced world. This video is a funny excerpt of my healthy cooking show “Now We’re Cooking” Thanks for including me in your awards even at the third place level.

Deb video embed:

Written by Pixelhead on April 9th, 2008 with 10 comments.
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Twitter Update: Have You Overheard?

Joel Comm just sent out an email inviting me to add him on Twitter . Joel’s post got me thinking about Twitter, and the developments that Twitter has undergone this year.

EmperorAnton's Twitter Page

Looking at my Emperor Anton Twitter page, I notice it is a PR5. I am not sure how much if any “Google juice” it has, since tweets are only run 20 deep. So a link on there can only remain there as long as it is within the last twenty tweets. It may count for a little bit of Google juice, but probably not since any links in the tweet have a “no follow” tag. But I have seen tweets show up in the SERPS, so if you put a link to a desired site in a tweet and it shows up in the SERP’s, it could possibly result in a bit of traffic. Screenshot

Twitter Update: Have You Overheard? posts tweets on their site that are prefaced with “Overheard” or “OH”. Also, to be posted on the site tweets must be marked as “unprotected” or visible to the public.

After you post an OH tweet it will show up on Overheard within 15 to 20 minutes, unless you add them as a friend, then it should appear within 2 minutes.

Follow Overheard

Thanks Overheard

So your tweets can be published on yet another site. I know lots of people post their tweets on their Facebook page, blog, Myspace, and Mybloglog to name a few. And now you can add Overheard to the mix.

Brilliant Marketing

Overheard is part of the Sidebar Network, which is a network of sites being developed by the web design company, Sidebar Creative. From what I can tell the Sidebar Network consists of:

It’s a web site… it won’t destroy your computer. We’ll take your data and store it, but if we lose it, we’re sorry. We’ll probably sell aggregate data (but not your name or email address) to advertisers. We reserve the right to charge for this at some point. These terms might change in the future, but if they do, we’ll let you know. Cool?

This reminds me so much of all the Facebook apps that companies are developing in hopes of getting other Facebook user to use and become loyal customers. Give away something free and get some advertising in exchange.

If I were using Myspace, I would give Kudos to SidebarCreative for developing the Overheard site and further developing the Twitter advertising model, which even Joel Comm is starting to use.

What do you think about Twitter and Overheard?

Written by Pixelhead on December 18th, 2007 with 11 comments.
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Flickr uses Picnik for Online Photo Editing

After reading Techcrunches report about Picnik being live on Flickr , I went to the Flickr blog and read about the newest Flickr feature that enables online photo editing using Picnik’s Photo editing services.

To use the service while using Flickr, you must be signed it to your Flickr account, and then when viewing your photos, click the edit button at the top of one of your photos. You are then taken to Picnik where you see all the editing options that are available to you from a Picnik’s free account.Picnik Photo Editing

Its a pretty simple interface that includes such options as cropping, red eye reduction, color adjustments and more. There are plenty of advanced features available as well, but many more features can be obtained by upgrading your free account for a little less than 25 bucks a year. For someone who does not want to make the purchase of Photoshop, this might be an awesome tool to use for editing of photos. I will probably continue to use Photoshop, but I can also see myself using Picnik while using Flickr.

Also, while surfing the net, there is a Firefox addon, that lets you edit graphics online through the use of your right click menu. There is also an extension for IE if that is your browser of choice. Here is the Picnik tools page for a list of available photo editing tools .

In addition to Flickr, Picnik can also be used with Facebook, PhotoBucket, Picasa, and Webshots, and it’s API is available for others to use and develop for other applications.

What do You Think?Picnik Edited Photo

This is the first Internet based Photo Editing site that I have used or reviewed for that matter. While doing the review I was exposed to several other sites. Does anyone have any experience with any other photo editing sites? What do you think about PicniK?

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Written by Pixelhead on December 11th, 2007 with 23 comments.
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Social Media Article

Another top commentator, Steven Snell of Vandelay Website Design, in the post Building Consistent Traffic With Social Media, gives some good advice about building consistent traffic using a variety of social media sites.

Steven has shown that he is a master of using the Social media to build traffic with many of his posts becoming very popular on sites such as Digg, Stumbleupon, and

A couple of key tips that I would like to highlight from the post include:

Whether you are a seasoned social media user or new to using social media sites, I suggest checking out the articles in the Social Media category on his site, where you can find such articles as the one listed above and others such as 233 Social Networking Sites for Marketing Your Blog.

Written by Pixelhead on November 24th, 2007 with 15 comments.
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Photography of Forrest Croce

The top commentator for mid November was the Photographer Forrest Croce. For some really awesome Photography tips and lessons, you should check out Forrest’s Fine Art Photography site.

Driftwood in Big Basin - Forrest Croce

Forrest also has a blog were he offers up some Photography tips. In his post, Vivid Color in Photoshop, Forrest relates some of the methods he uses to create vivid life like colors using both common sense and Photoshop.

Two of the common sense methods or maybe not so common sense methods for outdoor photography he suggests are:

  1. Shoot outdoor photos in the hour before the sun is going down or in the “Golden Hour”.
  2. Shoot just after it has rained.

Photoshop tips

Several Photoshop tools that he suggest using in the post are;

  1. Using the Channel Mixer to fine tune the color saturation.
  2. Using the Color Balance tool to create more natural colorization options.

In addition to telling how he adjusts photos manually, Forrest also offers some down loadable tools to automate the procedures that he discusses.

Below are before and after pictures of a Lake Pontchartrain Sunset I took on our New Orleans trip that I edited with Photoshop using Forrest’s techniques.

Before Editing After Editing

Be sure to check out Forrest’s site for some tremendous photography resources as well as his photo galleries.

Written by Pixelhead on November 23rd, 2007 with 8 comments.
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