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Local SEO Services Package

Unless you have been hiding under a rock somewhere, you probably are aware that Local SEO has become very important Local SEO Targetfor any business that has a physical location or if the business is targeting a specific geographic location.
Years ago, Google and other search engines did not have different listings for local search results. To get traffic to a site, we practiced the method of using Keyword phrases with the specific locations.

Local SEO in 2006

One of my original clients, who has since retired, had several business’s. One a landscape company, and the other a Corn Stove Dealership. Back in 2006, before local search became a priority, we targeted the big phrases, but then built links to the site with the locations as well.  So my friends site not only ranked for “Corn Stoves” but also dominated in the local search markets.  For his landscaping company, I did likewise.

Local SEO Today

Back in 2006, smart phones like the iPhone did not exist.  Phones, were, well, phones. Remember the Motorola Razar? That was the dominant phone back then.Motorola Razar

Well, I digress. Today, Mobile use is slated to consist of over 50% of all search traffic. If you look at the use on the past weekend(black Friday), I bet it was even higher.

Today’s business environment requires that Local SEO be a service that any business that wants to be found locally needs to use. Like regular SEO, it is now a mainstream advertising method.

BaldyDog Local SEO

BaldyDog Search Strategies has officially launched our Local SEO Services.

As requests for local SEO have continued to come in, we decided we should formalize our local SEO service packages. The very basic packages includes:

These items will probably not get your business on page one of the local listings in Las Vegas or a moderate to very competitive market, but for a small town, it just might do the trick.

If you have a question about local SEO or would like a proposal for Local SEO services, please visit the link above or visit our primary business site Baldydog.com.




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Written by Pixelhead on November 27th, 2012 with comments disabled.
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A Lists of Travel Directories and Lists of Travel Directory Lists

Sorry to tell you, but directory submissions don’t provide a ton of traffic. Don’t expect to see visitors coming from any directory that you submit your site.  But what can you expect?

You can expect that the links from these directories should count as backlinks to your site if the directory page where your link resides after being approved is cached in Google.  Content may be king, but backlinks are still important.

Niche directories rather than general directories are a much better quality link, so I suggest seeking them out for your niche. Below is a list of travel directories that I have compiled.

Warning: Don’t just submit to Niche directories, but use niche directories as an arrow in your SEO Quiver. Create great content, and remember to use a variety of types of links.

Travel Directories

Lists of travel Directories

Rather than go through endless lists and compile my own list of directories, how about a list of other travel directory lists?

Well, that’s my list of travel directories and list of lists of travel directories that I can recommend. I know there are a ton of directories out there with lists of travel directories or lists of general directories with travel categories. I would recommend using the former, but chose wisely when using general directories with travel categories.

With all the changes Google has made and continues to make, I believe its best to use these sparingly.Variety is not only the spice of life, but is the spice of your SEO.

Be sure to read our other posts on Link Building so you will be sure to do your link building right.

Written by Pixelhead on April 10th, 2012 with 33 comments.
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Free and Easy Tips to Get More Referrals

Do you do a lot of networking?

I have had many networking associates say they have a referral for me, and that I should expect a call from so and so, but the call never comes for one reason or another.

Why do I want to give and/or get referrals?Baldydog with Bone

Looking at the Baldydog.com company client list, I see that the majority of our clients were from referrals. Some were from companies that I have done business with, others where just from old clients who were more than satisfied with our work. So if you want business, you need to be giving and getting referrals.

What is a referral?

Any time you tell someone about a product or a business or suggest to someone that they should use said product or service that is a referral.

When you get a lead based upon a referral, you are far more likely to close the deal than you are if you are cold calling.

Referrals are like votes for your brand. The person who refers you is in essence giving your brand a vote.

Ask my dog above and I am sure he would give a vote for that bone in is his mouth…sorry, I just had to work him in..

Tips to get more referrals.

How to Give a Good Referral

Having been in a BNI(Business Networking International) chapter, I learned their way to give a good referral. Don’t just give a name or contact info for the referral. A lot of times, what I do is ask the person if it would be alright for my friend to give them a call and find out what the best time would be to get a call. So when I am talking to a person about my buddy Tom who fixes computers, I verify with the person that “I am going to have my buddy Tom of LuckyGeek.net give you a call at such and such a time about your PC.” I prefer not to give them Tom’s info and have them call him. Some will, but some won’t .

Get permission to have your friend call the referral at a certain time. Its like scheduling an appointment. Don’t have the referral do the calling.

Additionally, when you are chatting with someone, a need will come up that one of your associates can fix. Be sure to sell your friends services, so that the referral will be waiting for the call. For my buddy Tom, I tell them I have a guy who fixes all sorts of computers and is cheap, and he has a policy that if he can’t fix it there won’t be a charge.

What to Do When You Get A Referral

How do you give and get referrals?

This may not be what you do in regards to getting and giving referrals, but please let me know if you have any referral tips that you use successfully that I have not mentioned.

Written by Pixelhead on April 6th, 2012 with 27 comments.
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Building Law Firm SEO Authority

One of my goals for 2012 is to build Onlinelegaldirectory.com into something of an authority in the niche of Law Firm SEO. That is to say I want it to become a resource that any SEO company that specializes in Law Firm SEO will want to use in their client campaigns.

Creating Law Firm SEO Authority

Why invest in this Niche Legal Directory?

As I stated in a previous post, I intend to sell the legal directory, but as it stands it is pretty stagnate. Lets take an inventory.

What Activities We Do

Within the last year, I did create the Twitter profile and Fanpage. I have been trying to make an effort to find a legal resource that has at least a Twitter profile, to add to the directory. I would then send out a tweet that notifies the site that they have gotten a free 1 year listing to the directory.

Tweeting the links does two things. One it lets the owner know about their listing, and two it helps to get the link cached in Google.

Additionally, if there is an associated blog or Fanpage, I will like them and leave appropriate comments.

What Other activity Can I do?

Do you have any suggestions for activities that I can do to increase the authority of the site?



Written by Pixelhead on February 8th, 2012 with 63 comments.
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Home Page Versus Landing Page

The new PPC algorithm change from Google has thrown up some interesting challenges for the PPC Agency community; not least, which is king, a website’s home page, or its landing page?

The best way for a PPC Agency to think about this issue, is to consider their target audience.

Now, the PPC algorithm change basically means that those running a campaign will receive a better weighting, if they have strong and relevant landing pages ready for the website user.

Okay, arguably, the Home Page is the mother of all landing pages, because that is where traffic is directed as a matter of course. But, the problem with a Home Page is that it’s almost a contents page and can be very vague at that.

Many modern websites are vast emporiums of information and landing on a page means that the user is facing a bewildering array of facts and information.

How often have we all clicked on a search result on Google, or Bing, and then discovered the resulting page has nothing to do with what we’re after? Or, we have come through to a home page which is so crowded with information, that you also cannot see what you are after.

And most people, when faced with that occurrence, simply click away from the site, frustrated at not only the wasted time, but also annoyed at the ‘brand’ for causing you to waste that time.

This is why landing pages have become so important. A good landing page deals with the specific enquiry that has brought a user onto that page and this is what Google is trying to reward with a heavier weighting within the PPC campaigns.

But, you can see the problem. Landing pages should be specifically tied into the search request and not offer vague information, or feedback. But they are unsuitable for those people who are after the more general information offered by the Home Page after all.

So, the way around this problem is to create properly defined pages to strict search criteria. Let’s say a car company wants to not only bang on about a new model it launched some time ago (and sales are flagging), but would also like to catch people who are interested in all of their brands.

The solution? Two PPC campaigns on different search criteria. It’s the only way. So one campaign which focuses on the company’s brand, the other on the company’s make of car which needs a boost. So two ‘ads’ go online – together with the appropriate key wording – one which goes to the Home Page (corporate) and the other, to a specific landing page which targets the actual model of car.

This then avoids any confusion as to what message the company is trying to get across in corporate and individual model terms.

Written by Biljana Dimovska on January 16th, 2012 with 47 comments.
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Google+ – Connect with Me on Google Plus

If you have a Google+ profile, please feel free to connect with Baldydog on Google+  and me Adam Donkus.

I have been using Google plus off and on for several months. It does seem to be a decent way to connect with people that have very similar interests.  I also like it because, well its a Google property.

Be sure to create both a personal page and a page for your company as well. Be sure to add the Google+1 badge in addition to creating your company page, to insure that your site is included in the Google+ directory( that is the directory that is used when someone does a search while logged in to Google+Google+ Search.  Additionally, there are some Google+ directories poping up that are not affiliated with Google+. I am not sure how beneficial getting listed in the non-Google affiliated Google+ directories is, but hey you never know.  Here is a link to once such Google+ directory that accepts free submissions.

Much like Facebook, be sure to add some pictures at the top of your Google+ profile.

I have not used Google+ much, so I don’t have a ton of advice. Got any Google+ advice or blog posts to share?

Google+ Resources

Written by Pixelhead on January 9th, 2012 with 45 comments.
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