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OBX Vacation

This week we are hanging out in Waves North Carolina for a little bit of a vacation. Below is the video I shot this morning at about 630am. I said last night I wanted to get up and take some pictures of the sunrise. As it turns out, I woke up around 6am, and headed out into the crisp morning air for some sweet sunrise pictures and videos.

I will be doing some SEO client work along with some blogging, to include an upcoming post on Social Bookmarking.

Here is the Flickr set for the OBX2008 trip.

Written by Pixelhead on November 17th, 2008 with 24 comments.
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Singer Island Vacation

As of 830am yesterday morning, we were bound for Singer Island for a short little trip. Last year when we attended the Learning Expo in Philadelphia, we got roped into doing a time share sales meeting in exchange for a week(4 nights/five days) at a number of Marriott’s Vacation properties. Most certainly, we will not be buying into a time share. This is primarily due to the fact that we have all our funds currently tied up in the purchase of a new home, and secondly, we don’t like the idea of going to the same location or being regulated to a limited number of locations that time shares would offer us.

Singer Island Beach

Our last time share experience was when we were in Puerto Rico at the Gran Melia. Gran Melia was putting in some seriously sweet bungalows. We had actually put money down on a vacation package, but by the end of our Puerto Rico Honeymoon, we had buyers remorse and backed out of the deal. It was a pretty good experience though, as we got a nice massage package and a bottle of wine for listening to the sales pitch.

For the rest of the week we will be soaking up the sun and cruising in our Spyder convertible around the Singer Island, Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. I will be blogging on our travel blog and on Thegrubhound, our restaurant review blog, during the trip, and concentrating on ranking for “Singer Island”, “Marriott’s Ocean Pointe”, “Singer Island Hotel”, and “Singer Island Dining” to name a few.Hope everyone has a great week. I’ll try not to have too much fun!

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Sammy The Surf Dog is Back

I was checking out Paula Queen of The Surf Pirates, one of Augusts Top Commentators, and her dog, Sammy The Surf Dog, was hit by a car recently, but by the looks of things he is going to be OK.

In Sammy’s most recent post, he tells us his heroic tale of how he got hit by a car, and his conversation with Saint Francis.Sammy the Surf DogSammy The Surf Dog Cap

Glad to hear you are doing great Sammy, take it easy buddy, those waves and birds will be waiting for your return.

If you the readers would like to help Sammy and his momma out, visit his store by clicking the picture above or the words Sammy Gear to show your support. I just got me a Sammy the Surf Dog Cap like the one to the right, to show my support.

Written by Pixelhead on September 8th, 2007 with 7 comments.
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Back from Maine Vacation

Got back from our Maine vacation last night after a week long vacation. What was intended to be a working vacation, ended up being more of a time off vacation. I do find myself a little behind with blogging, but I did manage to get a little Maine Lobster and Clamscomputer time in while visiting relatives in Lisbon, Maine. I got a few posts done on the travel blog, and was able to respond to some comments, but writing of posts on Pixelheadonline was not in the cards.

Mid week Lizzie and I took a trip to Bar Harbor, and sadly did not have Internet access. The LedgeLawn Inn, is a huge old mansion that reminds me of The Shining. It is a great place to visit if you want to get away, but Internet seems to b a luxury that needs to be upgraded too. As we were driving up the coast, we did see other places that had WiFi, but ours did not. Well it did give us plenty of time for checking out the town and Arcadia National Park. I did take lots of pics, and took some notes in an actual tablet, which will eventually make it into several posts on the Lizzie’s Travel Blog, so if you get a chance and want to get some info on Bar Harbor, check out the travel blog.

Our Maine Vacation Links:1. Maine Vacation pics on Flickr.

2. Maine Vacation posts on The Travels of Lizzie Bean.

Upcoming posts here and elsewhere will include:

Mid-month Top commentators post.

An SEO suggestion post for Paula, Queen of the Surf Pirates.

Entry to the 7Ps of Meme which I was tagged for by Sarah over at

Two Guest blogging posts, one for and one for

I am sure there are a few others that I am forgetting, to mention, but they will occur. But now, I need to do some client work, because I need to pay the bills. ttyl.

A question for other bloggers:

Oh I would like to add a little question to this Maine Vacation post, and ask my fellow bloggers about protocol when going on vacation. Do you write a post before vacation or do like me and write it after the fact?

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Honeymoon Post from Puerto Rico

Still on our honeymoon in Puerto Rico with lots of activities planned to include a spa visit today, moonlight Kayak tour Gran Melia Beachtonight. I just posted some pics to Flickr so be sure to check out my Gran Melia Picture set, which includes pictures of our resort, but also Old San Juan pictures as well. Gran Melia is a truly 5 star resort that has a tremendous amount of beauty that surely can not be captured with my Kodak…but I am trying. I will be posting more about our honeymoon, but now, I must go to the pool…I have a Bali Bed waiting.Bali Bed

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Farewell to OBX

Our time here at OBX is almost up, and sadly we will have to leave our Salvo mansion. Well not really a mansion, but it is really huge with 6 bed rooms and five bathrooms, pool, hot tub, shuffle board, putting green, and an awesome game groom.

Salvo Retreat Salvo Rental Pool

Our Salvo Realtor, upgraded us from our original place when there was a scheduling snafu. At first we were a little disappointed, but after seeing the original and this one we are ever so glad the snafu occurred.Today, I get an email update from an OBX Real Estate blog from Ronnie Roach were I find out tropical storm Barry is on the way and will hit Sunday. No wonder the waver report on Paula the Queen of Surf Pirates site said the waves would be so huge on Sunday. Tried to talk Lizzie into staying over the weekend, but the kids do need to get back to school.

Visit my OBX picture set to see all of our OBX Salvo pictures.

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