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Digg:Do You Mind the Shout Feature?

Since my first post on Digg several weeks ago, I have been adding contacts on Digg like crazy. Just this morning, I added Shovel Picten people that had been fans. But adding all these contacts has added a ton of email to my in box. I am receiving shouts from everyone. Many are great, but some are downright spammy. I also have noticed more than one complaint in the Shovel Piccomments of Diggs were people are complaining about Shout Spam.

I really don’t mind it, because I do have a choice. I can Digg it or I can ignore it. If I receive too many spammy shouts, I have found myself responding to those Diggers less frequently.

My Advice, limit your shouts to quality links, and only pass on quality links to your network.

Thats all my ranting for today. What do you think, do you like the Shout feature? How do you use or abuse it?

Five notable Diggs for the week:

Those are my five Notable Diggs for this week. I now have 91 friends in my network, and the emails keep coming in.

Note to self:Get an email just for Digg.

Written by Pixelhead on October 18th, 2007 with 7 comments.
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Some Diggs Last Week

I had a really weird week has just past. I was lucky to get two posts in on Thursday. Were the time went I have not a clue.

I did do quite a bit of Digging, and I now have over 75 friends in my Digg network. I have learned that I need to not respond every time I get a shout from a fellow Digger. Although I do admit I found more than one groovy post. Here are some of the Diggs that I noted.

Have a good week, and stop by and say hi. If you have a site you want me to Digg, let me know, I’ll try and check it out.

Written by Pixelhead on October 15th, 2007 with 6 comments.
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