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Hugg, is it an Environmental Digg Site?

As I pledged to do in my Blog Action Day post, I am writing this Environmental category post.
A couple of weeks ago, a Digg shout came at me about a green Digg clone, but in my surfing, I seemed to have lost the site. Got to hate when that happens.

In my efforts to find said site, I left comments on various posts, and Steven of Vandelay Website Design was kind enough to tell me about Hugg2.0, which is the environmental article rating site of top green blog,

Join Hugg2.0 and read, submit and rate other environmental articles.

Several green articles I discovered from Hugg include:

Ban The Bag: First Modbury, Now London. With stories like this becoming more and more common, the reusable bag market will become a growing market. Here are a couple of places you can buy canvas bags.

John Deere invests in Wind Power.

Co-op America’s Recommended Ten Safe Toys for This Christmas is a timely article that could save you from shopping at the mall. Save gas and time, check this list out and buy some green toys.

Hugg, being the green Social media site of the widely popular environmental blog TreeHugger, has a good base to develop. I did not see any way to build a network using the site, so the social aspect that allows for networking is quite limited and will hinder the site from developing a true community.

I am PixelHead on Hugg. Check Hugg out and let me know what you think.

Hugg This Post.

Written by Pixelhead on November 15th, 2007 with 6 comments.
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