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Stumbleupon News from Pearl

Pearl , whose avatar is to the left, just sent me an email letting me know a comment she made on my Link Building Tips post had gone into the Spam folder. On a daily basis, I get a couple hundred pages of spam submissions that Askimet filters out, but sometimes it might do too good of a filtering job. Occasionally I do check some of the spam submissions, but normally, I just delete without checking. Sorry Pearl and anyone else whose comment may have been trapped by Askimet.

As a way of making it up to Pearl, I thought I would let you know that Pearl has a post which is were I found out that Stumbleupon is removing the 200 friend limit. That is certainly good news for a lot of people. Prior to the change, you had to go through your friends and weed out the ones that were not active in the Stumbleupon community so that you could maximize your Stumbleupon experience. This being something that I rarely got to do. Sorry Peeps, and thanks for being on top of this Pearl.

If you are a Stumbleupon user, check out Pearls Stumbleupon Profile, and add her if you like her stumbles and stop by her blog and give it a read as well.

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Written by Pixelhead on August 12th, 2008 with 12 comments.
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Hey George, Stumble and Plant a Tree

Do you use Stumbleupon? I am sure GW, who doesn’t believe in global warming, doesn’t. If you believe in Global warming and want to plant a tree, visit Stumbleupon’s Thumbs Up For Trees page and give it a thumbs up. For each thumbs up the page receives a tree will be planted by Stumbleupon and its sponsors, Friends of The Forest, and The National Forest Foundation which has a not for profit eBay store.

Be sure to visit the page and give it a thumbs up prior to May 2nd. If you don’t have a Stumbleupon account it is free and easy to join. In addition to helping to plant some trees, you will be able to become part of the best Social Network on the web.

What is Stumbleupon?

Stumbleupon is a site that web surfers submit sites to that they find interesting. Find a site, review it, and others will do the same. Go to the Thumbs Up For Trees page to find out more about Stumbleupon and the Thumbs Up For Trees Program.

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Written by Pixelhead on April 25th, 2008 with 11 comments.
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Real Estate Investing Game:StumbleUpon Find

In addition to finding the Stumble Through Button, another feature of the StumbleUpon tool bar that my son and I have been using, is the feature that allows surfing by selecting a channel. The channel that we have been using is the online games channel which allows us to stumble some really cool online game sites.

Mansion Impossible Screen Shot
For example, yesterday I came across Old Poppa Crappaud’s Mansion Impossible game, which is a real estate investing game where the objective of the game is in the shortest amount of time, to buy the million dollar mansion. This is done by buying and selling smaller pieces of real estate, which then enables you to increase your net worth so that you eventually will be able to afford the grand prize, the big mansion.

My Five Times

1.45 yrs 2 mo
2. 33yrs 3 mo
3.28 yrs 1mo
4.26 yrs 2 mo
5.24yrs 5mo

Real Estate Investing Game Details

Not including the big mansion, there are three different types of houses… the cheap, middle and high. The profits from each is a direct ratio of so the cheap houses will result in a little profit. But you start out with 100K, which is enough to buy one little house. You need to make a quick buy, and then sell and make enough profit to be able to buy two of the little properties, and then get enough profit so that you can buy the next level of real estate investment, and so on until you can afford to buy the big mansion. When you click on a house and you don’t have enough money, a balloon comes up saying “Too Much”. Within the levels of investment properties, I also noticed there are some that will start out at higher prices or lower prices. The lower priced properties of the next investment level are the ones to keep an eye out for, as these will allow you to move up to the next investment level that much quicker. Once you go up into the next level, don’t be tempted to go down into the lower levels for a deal, as these deals in the lower levels will waste your time, and prolong the amount of time until you can buy the big mansion.

Why I love this game

To put it simply, it is a fun basic real estate investing game. Check it out and see if you can beat my scores. Let me know how you do.
My Stumbles ButtonOh, and if you don’t have the Stumbleupon tool bar installed, I strongly suggest you download, install, and start Stumbling. Click on the badge to the left to add me to your StumbleUpon network, I can still add a few friends, as I have not reached the 200 friend limit.

Written by Pixelhead on November 13th, 2007 with 30 comments.
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Flickr Speedlinks post

Just a quick post, as I am swamped with work.

Early Morning Swim

As was noted yesterday, I discovered the Stumble thru button, and love being able to Stumble thru Flickr.

I just got done adding pictures to Flickr from my Thousand Islands trip, but have yet to write a post on Lizzie’s travel blog for it.

Pictures were added to the following Flickr sets:

Check out some of the pics, and let me know if you have a favorite. If you have a Flickr account, leave me a message and I will check out your pics. If you don’t have an account, start one, its free to start.

StumbleUpon Network Campaign

Increasing my knowledge about Stumbleupon and increasing my Stumbleupon network is my goal for the week. The last several weeks, I have been working on increasing my network on Digg, and now I am over 100 friends in my network. The one major problem with this is that I now am flooded with a barrage of email shouts from friends wanting me to check out a site and digg it for them. Some people just abuse the Digg Shout feature way too much.

StumbleUpon My StumbleUpon Page

So after reading the article Top bloggers reveal how to build traffic off-blog without spending a dime,one of the bloggers interviewed was Liz Strauss, who said she would “hang on StumbleUpon” as one of the methods for promoting her site with out spending a dime. So armed with the knowledge that Liz Stumbles and recommend it, I set about learning how to make the most of Stumbleupon. I am a bit slow, because you would figure that since I received huge amounts of traffic from Stumbleupon on more than one occasion, I would have mastered it long ago. Yesterday I had about 5 friends in my Stumbleupon network. 195 to go, since Stumbleupon only allows you to have 200 friends in your network.

I was reading on a blog(sorry I would give a link to the blog, but I have lost the link) and in summary, it said you need to get your 200 friends on Stumbleupon by adding 200 friends to your profile, but then you need to monitor the list of 200 friends by removing those who do not add you as a mutual friend, and then fill in those spots that you remove with others that will hopefully become mutual friends. The author(when I come across it again I will update this post) then suggested that you need to keep doing this process of adding and removing in order to come up with an active list of Stumblers that will actually be actively Stumbling.

So here are my Stumbleupon activities for this Stumbleupon network campaign and some Stumbleupon News.

Checking out the Stumbleupon Toolbar, lots of cool stuff here to play with. Do You have the Stumbleupon toolbar installed? I know that you can get it for both IE(sadly) and Firefox. Get either toolbars from the Stumbleupon homepage.

Stumble Through A SiteAnyway, while checking out the toolbar, I noticed the two intertwined arrows, and when the cursor is hovered over this the alt tag says “Stumble Thru a website”. The pic at the left shows all the site that this works with. So what does this do? This allows me to click the Stumble button and stumble pages for that given site. I clicked on the Flickr Icon, and proceeded to Stumble through some awesome Flickr pics, most of which I would not have found on my own.

StumbleUpons SearchReviews
One last bit of Stumbleupon News before wrapping up this Stumbleupon Network Campaign post. I received info about the Stumbleupon’s SearchReviews program this morning via the SearchViews newsletter post StumbleUpon Introduces SearchReviews.(a search newsletter I highly recommend) SearchReviews enables you to see a Stumbleupon icon next to search results that your friends have stumbled. For information about enabling this feature see the Stumbleupon SearchReviews Blog article.

I have enabled this feature, but because I only have 20 friend, I may not see these for a while. I also am not sure if it just allows you to see sites that your friends have stumbled or sites that Stumbleupon users in general have stumbled. At any rate the service can be used on the major search engines to include but not limited to Google, Yahoo, MSN and ASK.

Stumbleupon Questions?

Written by Pixelhead on October 24th, 2007 with 13 comments.
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Traffic, Who Needs More Traffic?

Wow, I just read Steven of’s post How to Set Up a Domino Effect of Traffic were Stephen shares his method of generating a huge amount of traffic using a combination of Social Media sites.

In short, after Steven writes a post that is written for his Web Design niche, he then submits the post to several web design niche social media sites, which he calls second tier social media sites. He then receives a couple hundred visitors from the second tier sites. The visitors from the second tier sites then submit the post to the big three Digg, Stumbleupon, and

Of course there is quite a bit more to it than what I have written here, and Steven goes into pretty good detail about this method which he has used on three separate occasions. The most being 34,000 visitors to his post 77 Resources to Simplify Your Life as a Web Designer. 34,000 visitors…wow.

Three key ideas I got from his post:

  1. Write a sweet piece of Linkbait for your niche.
  2. Submit the linkbait post to some social sites in your niche.
  3. Optimize your posts for the three large Social networks, by making it easy for your visitors to submit to them.

Stop by and read Steven’s post, and let me know what you think. Hmm, I think I need to come up with some some SEO link bait to submit to Sphinn.

Written by Pixelhead on September 19th, 2007 with 25 comments.
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