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If you have a Google+ profile, please feel free to connect with Baldydog on Google+  and me Adam Donkus.

I have been using Google plus off and on for several months. It does seem to be a decent way to connect with people that have very similar interests.  I also like it because, well its a Google property.

Be sure to create both a personal page and a page for your company as well. Be sure to add the Google+1 badge in addition to creating your company page, to insure that your site is included in the Google+ directory( that is the directory that is used when someone does a search while logged in to Google+Google+ Search.  Additionally, there are some Google+ directories poping up that are not affiliated with Google+. I am not sure how beneficial getting listed in the non-Google affiliated Google+ directories is, but hey you never know.  Here is a link to once such Google+ directory that accepts free submissions.

Much like Facebook, be sure to add some pictures at the top of your Google+ profile.

I have not used Google+ much, so I don’t have a ton of advice. Got any Google+ advice or blog posts to share?

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Exploit Google Zeitgeist- Enormous End of Year Challenge

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Several weeks ago, after hearing about the 2010 Google Zeitgeist list, I did the blog post Google Zeitgeist 2010 – Food and Drink Category on Thegrubhound, my restaurant review/foodie marketing blog.  Upon checking out the Google Zeitgeist list again, I realized there is a huge potential to earn some end of year revenue..for both you and me.

Google Zeitgeist Challenge Video

(created using YouTube Search Stories Channel)

What is the Enormous End of Year Challenge?

My challenge to you is to check out the Google Zeitgeist list and see what keyword rich blog post you can come up with that an advertiser would love to sponsor or purchase at least 1 keyword rich text link.

I already did a post on Thegrubhound, although I did not actively seek out advertisers yet. I am however thinking about doing a post about “Dubai Tours” which is the number 10 most searched word in the Fastest Rising Translations  category of the Zeitgeist list. The reason I am choosing the phrase “Dubai Tours”  is because, I had an inquiry about doing SEO for a Dubai travel site, so I am considering this contact to be a warm lead for potential advertising opportunities.

Potential Dubai Tours Blog Posts

So a Dubai Tours blog post is forthcoming on What will my blog post on Dubai Tours consist of since I have never been to Dubai?

Well as you can see from my Dubai Tours blog post notes, writing a keyword rich blog post that focuses on one of the Google Zeitgeist search terms, should not be that difficult.

Do I want to Write a Google Zeitgeist Blog Post?

I wrote a similar Google Top Keywords post back in 2007 on Club Penguin and Webkinz. That post still gets about 10 hits a day..after 3 years that is a still a steady flow of traffic. So yes, if you don’t want any of the traffic to your site that a Google Zeitgeist blog post would provide, then don’t take up my Google Zeitgeist Challenge.

So What is the title of your Google Zeitgeist Challenge post going to be?

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